Anna Semenovich is getting married

Анна Семенович выходит замуж

During a holiday in Greece, the famous Russian singer Anna Semenovich, the former participant of group “Shining” has received a proposal of marriage, as well as a wonderful ring with big stone, which now bears without removing. Obviously, this a holiday in Greece, Anna will remember for a lifetime.

Анна Семенович выходит замуж
Her fiancé, however, Semenovich is in no hurry to present to the public, leaving fans to languish in riddles. The questions of fans Anna does not respond, because happiness love peace.
By the way, recently Semenovich began to conduct trainings on “How to get married quickly?” and it provoked ridicule in the party – she’s a lady unmarried. But the workshops have benefited and the teacher. Applying skills in practice, Anna will soon go to the altar.

In addition to the dramatic changes in his personal life, the celebrity spoke about the fact that it will soon become a theater actress. The debut artist will be held in the house of the actor in St.-Petersburg on September 30.