Александр Градский отказался от миллиона долларов

This season of the talent show “the Voice” will be held without the singer Alexander Gradsky in the chair of one of the members of the jury. As it turned out, the reason for the refusal of the musician to take part in the project was a material question. Alexander was sitting in an armchair jury member since the Foundation of the show, because for many, his decision to leave the program was amazing and strange.

Today it became clear that city and the producers of “the Voice” failed to find a compromise, discussing the fee, which was supposed to performer.

The singer was offered $ 1 million dollars, but the money town refused. Apparently, the musician is not satisfied with the currency in which the proposal was made. For example, last season Alexander Borisovich paid 1 million euros and he was all happy. Indeed, if we convert this amount at a rate that leaves a difference of several hundred thousand rubles.

Thus, the organizers of “the Voice” has reduced the salary of the coach, while he, however, hoped for an increase.

As a result, the producers decided to do without the city, replacing it with Leonid Agutin.

I wonder what fees get other members of the jury of the project?