Zayn Malik spoke about the content of his autobiography

Зейн Малик рассказал о содержании своей автобиографии

Separated from the group One Direction, Zayn Malik has made it clear that more than anything to do with the team, he does not want to have. Solo career of the young artist is developing quite well, so he decided on a revelation with the audience and is preparing to release his autobiography.

Earlier it was reported that in the book, the musician will reveal all the secrets and hidden life, talk about real relationship guys in the team and the cooperation with producer Simon Cowell. Today new details have become known memoirs.

Malik’s book cannot be called an autobiography in the truest sense of the word, since there is not, you will learn about the life of Zane a little about how I went to school and such.

The publication’s editors call it more of a “photographic journey”, which will be collected personal notes Zane, his thoughts, some excerpts of lyrics, illustrations and previously unseen photographs from his childhood. In addition, the book will describe the feeling of Zane, his relationship to fame, success, music and life. Malik will talk about the most personal and intimate moments that he had experienced.

“I plan to show as much as we can. I choose the material on which I will then judge and evaluate,” said 23-year-old performer.

The book should see the light of day on 1 November. Now fans can already make pre-order to be among the first buyer.