Сын Жанны Фриске останется с отцом “StarHit” made the appointment of Natalia Friske with a psychic. Mohsen, Norouzi predicted that the relatives of the singer will soon see Plato, but to live the boy will remain with the Pope, and in their family it’s a girl – a copy of Joan.

      Сын Жанны Фриске останется с отцом

      Son of Janna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev Plato 7 April will be three years. Soon after that, relatives can meet him, – said the winner of the tenth “Battle of psychics” permanent expert “StarHit” Mohsen Norouzi. Scandals in the family of the actress does not end with the moment of her death. Then, in June of last year, Plato left to live with dad and grandparents and aunt were forbidden to visit the child. Requests, mutual threat, the meeting of the guardianship, the courts – nothing helps, family conflict to solve and does not work. Frankly speaking with Mohsen, sister of Joan Natalie got not only hope for a date with my nephew, but also answers to many troubling questions.

      The longing for mother

      In the business center, where she is a psychic, Natalia came with her husband, a rescuer of EMERCOM Sergey Vshivkov. They were met by I, observer of the journal “StarHit” Olga Rodina. Before the reception, I told Natasha and Sergei about Mohsen. But, as it turned out, Friske and was in the course she was rooting for Noruzi in 2010, when the broadcast channel TNT showed the tenth season of “the Battle of psychics”.

      Sister singer never imagined that someday will turn to a clairvoyant, but the calamities that have befallen her family, leave me no choice. “Dad’s at least calmed down, confessed to me Natasha. They took him to the New year in Miami, he was distracted and switched. And then all the nerves themselves were harassed, he is very emotional person. But ULKA, beloved Labrador sisters, upset. Baby long longed for my mother Joan, and then began to feel ill. The vet said that the dog cancer lymph sarcoma. Now we all possible ways try to extend the dog life”. The situation with Plato haunts relatives Friske. They’re afraid they’ll never see the boy. However, my grandmother Olga was allowed occasionally to meet with his grandson for an hour or two.

      Сын Жанны Фриске останется с отцом

      “Olya, we don’t want to pick up Plato, we would just to meet him, – said Natasha. He still thinks that mom is in the hospital and really misses us.” At the moment, the family of Joan tries to solve the problem communication with the boy through the courts. Friske represents the interests of the lawyer Gennady Raschevsky. The last session at the Khamovnichesky court on 18 January and was not held because it was postponed to a later date.

      As if jinxed

      Fifteen minutes later, Sergei and Natasha were conducted to the Transport office. “I’m so excited that even the heart aches”, – whispered Natasha. Psychic doesn’t speak Russian, with a translator and assistant of Cutting. Mohsen doesn’t watch the news of the Russian show business, so what about the history of Zhanna Friske knew nothing. Noruzi asks the clients their names and wondered, what’s the name of mothers. He believes that the relationship with my mom is the strongest in the world. For the tenth winner of “Battle of psychics” on a piece of paper makes certain calculations on his own, one he knows the system and gives a prediction.

      – Let me tell you first about you, Mohsen turned to Natasha and Sergei. – You love each other equally, can’t even tell who anymore. After the wedding, the welfare of every one of you has improved. The woman in your pair energy a little stronger, but in today’s world this is common. Sergei as the head will manifest itself at work. He will grow up the career ladder. Sergey, you have chosen right profession, because they have an appropriate energy and kindness. Saving people, you will succeed. Natasha, I suggest you less nervous, you’re worried because of the situation in the family, a lot of energy is directed to it, thereby nano – sieve self-harm. Learn to let go some events and more think – those of good.

      Сын Жанны Фриске останется с отцом

      I brought photos of relatives, – Natasha laid on the table the album. – The first picture grandma Paulina. What to say about it?

      – It is a very weak energy, as if it is no longer in this world… – She died on the birthday of my sister Jeanne, 8 July, and then in our family the trouble started. The consequences we still experience. Can all these events be connected?

      – No. From the photo Jeanne is also barely feel the vibration… in her body was some kind of problem?

      Cancer. She became pregnant, and three months after the birth of a son learned about the disease. We believed in the healing Jeanne, tried different methods of treatment, including innovative vaccine, but she died at the age of 40. The sister could have been saved?

      – You see that at the age of 37 years, her life line, as if at odds. It was necessary to be tested to be tested for cancer markers, find out whether there is a predisposition to the disease, to guess that she could not. May have been able to do something. But the chances were 50 to 50. During pregnancy it hurt the neck and spine.

      Сын Жанны Фриске останется с отцом

      – Zhannochka all the time asked me to do her a massage. What can you tell about her son Plato and civil husband Dmitry?

      – They had a strong love. To live together they began because of feelings. Zhanna and Dmitry had many common interests and acquaintances. They worked in the same field. But they are a beautiful couple like jinxed. Dmitry is quite spineless, quickly falls under foreign influence. He has seven Fridays in the week. Now he’s in a good mood, and after two hours it is better not to approach. Son of Plato loves madly.

      Dima does not allow us to see him. I haven’t talked with Platosha since last summer. The situation may change?

      – He has three years yet? – In April. – When the boy turns three years old, you will see it. But the child will live with his father. Don’t worry Plato will grow up, all aware of and will come to you.

      Сын Жанны Фриске останется с отцом

      She’s around

      – And you can see how Jeanne is feeling “down there”?

      Is not allowed the higher powers. See that man she was good, she has a good soul. If you want to live there even better, definitely give the money to the poor on her behalf. And if someone will pray for her or light a candle in Church will be wonderful. And about the orphanages do not forget!

      – Actually we have already invested in the construction of the Church of the Holy martyrs in the suburbs, bought bricks. So far only the Foundation is ready. And while visiting the grave of Joan, met with the nurse from the cancer center in the South of Moscow. Now call her, ask what you need, buy it and bring you there. In the hospital we gave Zannino bed, pillow for breathing wheelchair.

      Such good deeds will last for a million years!

      – There is a possibility of rebirth of Joan?

      – Your family has a child, very similar to her character and appearance. Jeanne will always exist in another world. After forty days the souls of the dead once a week go home because they miss you. Believe me, she comes and watches you. Sometimes you get the feeling that she is near. The way it is. And your mother sees her in her sleep. However, when he wakes up, forgets. But I’ll give you a special water, which will read the prayer. Sprinkle it near the pillow of the mother, and Jeanne will come to her.”

      After these words Natasha could not hold back tears. While Noruzi cooked water, Friske calmed down and admitted to me that after taking Mr. Mohsen is feeling much better.

      Сын Жанны Фриске останется с отцом
      Сын Жанны Фриске останется с отцом

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