Генри Кавилл рассказал о своей новой возлюбленной

Hollywood handsome heartthrob Henry Cavill is awash in female attention. And even his love affair with nineteen-year-old student Tara king does not prevent women to literally throw herself at his feet. In an interview with the Sunday Times, the actor admitted that he hates it when female fans flirt with him in front of his beloved.

Генри Кавилл рассказал о своей новой возлюбленной

“I don’t mind flirting or female attention, but have respect for my woman. It’s disrespectful to her. People who don’t respect other people’s feelings, I don’t like” — asked Henry to the fans from the pages of the publication.
Cavill also claims that often hears the whistle at their side, or sebaceous hints from women.
“I think this is a manifestation of double standards. I mean, what if this woman said this man, she would feel differently. Of course, unlike her, I don’t feel in danger,” said the British actor.

Генри Кавилл рассказал о своей новой возлюбленной
Thirteen years age difference between him and his beloved, according to the artist, is not felt absolutely. In a recent interview with Elle Magazine he admitted that while Dating Tara, I was worried about as a teenager.

“People say age is just numbers. It really is so. When I met my girlfriend, I was very scared. I wanted to leave a good impression all the time and stopped myself so as not to spoil it, not to tell or not to do something extra” — says Henry. However, if his relationship with Tara, there is complete harmony, then he is still sympathetic to the incredulous reactions of others to their difference in age. It turns out that when he was nineteen, the future Hollywood star who’s having an affair with 32-year-old woman. Even then he was catching some strange glances.
Henry and Tara was first spotted together at a Rugby match in Twickenham. Since then they parted only at the time of filming and studying at the University (each voi classes). The couple spent the Christmas holidays together and Cavill even had time to meet the family of his beloved.
Recall that with his previous girlfriend actress Gina Carano Henry broke up in December 2014.


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