Angelina Jolie fired the babysitter for flirting with brad pitt

Анджелина Джоли уволила няню за флирт с Брэдом Питтом

Angelina Jolie was jealous of her husband brad pitt to nurse their children and dismissed her.

In March 2016 Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) and brad pitt (Brad Pitt) with children temporarily move from Los Angeles to London. In the UK will be shooting the sequel sci-Fi Thriller “war of the worlds Z” (World War Z) brad pitt. Angelina Jolie is busy with the duties of the goodwill Ambassador of the UN for refugees.

Before leaving to the capital of British acting couple will have to find a new nanny for their children — 14-year-old Maddox (Maddox), 12-year-old pax Tien (Pax Thien), 11-year-old Zahara (Zahara), 9-year-old Shilo (Shiloh) and 7-year-old Knox (Knox) and Vivienne (Vivienne). According to the previous nanny Jolie was fired for flirting with brad pitt.

“Angie was happy with the staff who are hired to work with children. Of course, many want to work with celebrities, but they have to pass a tough selection, — said the insider. Brad is always friendly with those who work for them, but at some point it became clear that the nurse was trying to flirt and behaves too drilube. Angelina didn’t think that between them something is, but I noticed that every time brad went to the pool, the babysitter was already there. Her paranoia increased when she saw the kitchen her husband in a towel after a shower and a nanny with a big smile on his face.”

According to a source, after that, Jolie yelled at the nurse, and she Packed her stuff and left the house of actors.

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