Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!» Artem said “StarHit” as I took the family to Paris. Successor of Irina Dubtsova wants to earn millions to pamper the parents. The kid is five and doesn’t want to bring the family as all his relatives Shine with knowledge.
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»

The heir to the singer, 11-year-old Artem Chernitsyn, is different from his peers: he misbehaves and tries never to disappoint mother, which, spreading pictures, calls the son “hare in its purest form.” What he spends is pocket money, the fascination of extreme strictness in the family Artem said “StarHit”.

Tom, you have a mom – and-pop artists. Go in their footsteps?
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»To sing I don’t like it more is suitable for girls! I still interested, although they say that hearing and voice are.—
What kind of music do you like?
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»Panic! At the disco, Imagine Dragons, System of a Down, Metallica. Songs parents know almost everything by heart, but do not listen. Not mine.—
Who want to be?
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»Developer of computer programs and games. In addition, I have my own YouTube channel for which we shoot all sorts of videos.—
Know that you are addicted to riding on the scooter, tricks…
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»Three years ago I watched the video, I wanted to try it too. Of course, mom was initially against, but then resigned. The skatepark takes me Papa, the female half of the family is better not to see. I took classes at extreme skate. The first time was so-so, constantly knees were broken. Dad approves of my hobby: he says it’s better than to sit behind a computer. And that a real man should definitely be scars.Review mom: “I’m always very worried when I see a child with bruises. Artem constantly sends me videos with their tricks – my heart skips a beat sometimes when I look. But it’s growing sports, overweight it is certainly not threatened by such activities!”
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»
You have now graduated from the fourth grade. A good student?
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»At five, I was even awarded a diploma. I’m an a student since first grade. Do not like physical education: sport is great, but the same exercises day-in and day – boring!—
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»No, why! I’m a good. Even for the behavior of “twos” yet. In principle, I like to learn, and parents do not want to let dad and mom were standouts. Homework helps me Granny, she’s a gold medalist! To know English language, I went to Cambridge school in Moscow, and in September will begin to engage in Lomonosov. Five me the way, give the pocket money.—
What you usually spend?
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»On all garbage. Of the lay. Once I was seven years old – I asked my mom to Paris, I had 18 thousand roubles has accumulated. Thought this would be enough for the trip. Now I understand that she paid, but I honestly wanted her to make a gift. Of course, I go to the store for snacks – chips, crackers, soda, chocolates. I have a responsibility to feed our cats and the dog Bus. And the rest of the money to acquire all sorts of devices in online games. They need to go to the next level.Review mom: “Tom was very proud of that “I took mom to Paris.” However, I had to add a zero to the 18 thousands, but the son realized this only recently. Now interested in prices for travel and promises to earn millions for the creation of computer games to support me”.—
As a mom to such spending is?
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»She didn’t much like it, of course, reading notation, says that it is strange to throw money at unreal things, trying to distract from the computer, but I’m better than everyone in the family understand technology and the Internet! Sometimes help the mother to understand the phone when requested, or to find the desired program.—
And who is the stricter of all in the family?
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»Grandma! Mom never swears. The only time I remember that I was punished and put in a corner on vacation, and then only for five minutes. Worst of all, when she says: “Tom, I said.” This means that my disobedience can take away the computer for a day or two.—
As still like to spend time?
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»With dad go to the movies: I was recently in “Transformers”, a lot. Mom sometimes go fishing – she’s a lover. All normal children father is a fisherman, and I have the opposite. Ride quads, bikes, eating ice cream and street. Soon we will go to the sea. We often fly to the Maldives – mom loves. But for me there is nothing boring, there is the usual hanging out with friends.Review mom: “we Have a Theme engine – it can’t five minutes to sit. I’m going on vacation, dream about peace, the beach, the owner. Our tastes in this regard, unfortunately, do not converge. But the son always finds something to do: if there is a water Park, I’m saved! If not, he is giving me a show of jumping in the pool.”
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»
And at home you are forced to do something?
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»Removed we have a housekeeper, I just put their stuff grandma makes, says – they say, you’re not a gentleman. And prepares mom when not on tour. She makes delicious soups, pancakes, homemade chicken nuggets. I love them, but in fast food they have let me do that rarely.—
You are now the sole owners of mom’s attention. A sister or brother would like?
Сын Ирины Дубцовой: «Хочу, чтобы мама родила мне сестренку!»Very. I love the kids. At my mom’s friends is quite small, I often walk with them, teach them to walk or bike ride. So experienced, I will be the mom around to help.Review mom: “I really want a daughter! Where are you my dream man?”