Half-naked Beyonce first showed twins

Полуобнаженная Бейонсе впервые показала близнецов The pop diva posted a touching photo. A month ago, the actress became a mother for the second time. For a long time, Beyonce said nothing about kids. It was known only that five daughters celebrity blue ivy have a little brother and sister.

A month ago, popular singer Beyonce became a mother for the second time. She gave her husband, rapper Jay Z, adorable twins. Artist for a long time said nothing to the press about the newborn babies. Celebrity also scored the social network and a half months she said nothing to millions of subscribers in Instagram.

Today, however, the pop diva has pleased followers a new picture. In the pictures she is depicted with two babies on his hands. Is the celebrity appeared half-naked. The star chose a colored cloak, which was covered only by her hands. The head of the actress was decorated with veil blue. Beyonce is situated on a throne made of flowers.

“Sir Carter and Rumi today, one month” – signed picture star.

Fans came to the indescribable delight of such a touching picture. It was nice that Beyonce shared with them a photo of the kids and he was not unlike many celebrities to hide their faces. Just one hour publication was collected about two million likes, and also a huge number of comments and reviews. “What a beautiful name and what a lovely mother”, “Congratulations on your little miracle. The twins are beautiful!” “Congratulations,” the admired fans. followers also noted that the actress looks great.

It is possible that the way Beyonce has hinted that her children are all in order. Foreign media wrote that the actress went to the hospital for a few days before delivery, in order to keep everything under the control of doctors. Many were worried about the health of her kids.

The birth of twins is also dramatically changed the lives and rapper Jay-Z. Not so long ago he released a new album, which fans felt very personal and honest. Moreover, the man has recorded 11-minute video, which talked about the problems in the family. Spouse Beyonce admitted that their marriage could fall apart because of the deception and innuendo. In one song, the musician focuses on the theme of adultery. Some fans felt that it was the recognition of the artist in treason. Jay-Z spoke about his divorce from Beyonce

“Forgive me, I was particularly interested in, and only the birth of my child made me see the world through the eyes of women, just after the birth of the twins I believe in miracles. (…) And if you would know my children, I don’t know what I would do,” – said the rapper.