Джим Керри отказался платить за похороны своей девушки

Popular American actor, comedian, star of “the Mask” and “Always say Yes Jim Carrey, appeared in the center of a new scandal involving the suicide of his girlfriend Katrina white. Brigitte Sweetman, the mother of the deceased, which is already two years blames for the death of the daughter of Hollywood actor, showed him the new charges. The woman made loud in the press statement, which can seriously affect the life and career of Jim Carrey.

According to the mother Katrina white, Kerry came to the funeral, and the girls were a hypocrite there, the actor pretended to be a grieving good guy, but he absolutely didn’t regret it. Jim allegedly played to the crowd to see him as a victim. As told the mother of the deceased, her beloved daughter promised to take care of the expenses associated with funerals and also to pay all the costs of the burial. However, Kerry kept his word, after the ceremony of farewell with Catriona, he lost and more in touch with the family did not go. Brigitte Sweetman outraged by the act of the actor, because he knew that the family does not live lavishly, and after the funeral his only daughter, and it appeared to be in distress.
Jim Carrey did not engage in a public dialogue and not replied to the attacks of Sweetman to his side. In his official review gave the lawyer Marty singer, who is the protector of the actor. Marty said that Kerry is not guilty in the death of the girl and her mother he called a ridiculous attempt to extract money from the stars.
Recall the romance between a 55-year-old Jim Carrey and 30-year-old makeup artist Catriona Whyte began in 2012. The young people met on the set. Between them whirled tempestuous relationship – the lovers quarreled and separated, then reconciled and made vows to each other to be forever together. In 2015, after the next quarrel with Jim and Catriona have committed suicide. The girl took a fatal dose of drugs. She left a suicide note in which he accused a loved one in his death. White wrote “My blood is on your hands” and “You pulled the trigger”. These words she addressed Jim Carrey – the initiator of their painful breakup.
Mother of Catriona and her relatives accused Kerry of involvement in the suicide girls. They filed a lawsuit against the actor, the case is still pending and not closed.
Note that friends and acquaintances talked about the fact that Jim was a sweetheart put prohibited drugs and infected her with a venereal disease.