Julia showed a photo of an adult son

Юлия Высоцкая показала фото взрослого сына
14-year-old Peter was remarkably similar to Andrei Konchalovsky.

Julia Vysotskaya with her son Peter

Photo: Instagram

Vysotskaya, who rarely shares photos of their children, pleased
fans of the 14-year-old son Peter. With his famous
the parents of the young man is on vacation in Europe. Subscribers microblog actress and TV presenter was amazed
how Peter grew up. It was much like his father Andrei Konchalovsky.

We will remind, a week ago, the Director, along with Julia Vysotskaya decided to arrange a
romantic break: the couple did not return to Moscow after
film festival in Munich, and remained in Europe. The word “romantic” in this case
is not a template. In the pictures that Julia shares in his microblog,
the actress and her famous husband look like they are in honeymoon. They
wander through the narrow streets, eat seafood and drink refreshing cocktails on
sun-drenched verandas of the restaurant, and constantly cuddling, keeping each
other lovers eyes.

“Andrei Sergeyevich largely coincide, — Vysotskaya told in
an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. — In the preferences, traits, behavior,
in tastes in literature, the vision of the world… it is Obvious that twenty years ago I was
another person. And when you side by side for so long with someone live, even
the laws of physics is the interpenetration of particles, and of course, we are better
to understand and feel each other than in the first week of Dating. But even on
the moment we met, we had a lot in common. And I think that
we with Andrey Sergeevich has some kind of genetic relationship”.