Son of Evelina Bledans was operated on in Germany

Сына Эвелины Бледанс прооперировали в Германии The boy was in one of German clinics. Sam Semin was born with a congenital dislocation of both nadkolennika. Evelyn and her husband tried to avoid surgery, but experts insisted on its necessity.

Despite his young age, Sam Semin, has suffered several complex operations. The boy was born with congenital dislocation of nadkolennika both legs. Evelina Bledans with the former spouse Alexander tried to do without repeated surgical intervention, but surgery is still required.

The child’s parents turned to foreign experts. This time Sam had undergone surgery at a clinic in Germany. It is reported that the boy is on the mend. Dad of Seven shared the frame with a happy and smiling son on the page in a social network.

“High literature”. – signed, the father of Seven Alexander.

Evelina Bledans with her ex-husband kept a great relationship after the divorce and each parent spends enough time with Sam. The boy regularly engaged in physical therapy and mastering the alphabet.

Alexander Semenov informs about the latest news in the life of a child. Loving father even brought “Instagram” for my son. Semechki already appeared zla army of fans. Network users write flattering comments boy and admire his talents. To date, for the account of the child follow almost 300 thousand people. Evelina also does not tire of talking about the success of the little one, inspiring followers by his example.

“In this world is evil, and sometimes it is very painful stings even me, a person with immunity to the opinions of others. I to my last breath I will support for my son in everything, and will speak to him in his language, whatever this language was. I will adapt, they will grow old, wither not and will not lose energy,” – says Bledans with his fans.

Evelyn is not only a wonderful mother, but also a successful actress and television presenter. Fans often note the gorgeous figure of the artist and writing her numerous compliments.

By the way, according to Super, this is a second operation Seven. First held at the Filatov children’s hospital.