Сын Александра Половцева сыграл неформальную свадьбу
Heir to the stars series “Streets of broken lamps” Stepan Polovtsian married.

Сын Александра Половцева сыграл неформальную свадьбу

Stepan Polovtsian with the bride

Photo: Facebook Yulia Sobolevskaya

The actor Alexander Polovtsev, known for roles in serials “destructive power” and “Streets of broken lights”, appeared the daughter. His 26-year-old son Stepan accepts congratulations.

The couple decided to choose a very extravagant images for the big day. Stepan went down the aisle in leather jackets, red pants and the same color tie white peas. The bride threw a leather jacket on top of white wedding dresses in ethnic style, with accessories – red sash and a veil. Blue color hair the bride echoes the flowers in the bouquet.

Photos young family has shared on the Facebook page mother of the groom, the former wife of Alexander Polovtsev, the actress and producer Yuliya Sobolevskaya.

One of the first photos commented on by our colleagues Larissa guzeyeva and Svetlana Kryuchkova. Responding to comments of congratulations, mother of Stepan noted that the wedding of the son took her by surprise. Which, of course, does not detract from the joy of the whole family.

Alexander Polovtsev and Yuliya Sobolevskaya’s son Stepan

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Fans of the series “street of the broken lanterns” will remember that Stepan Polovtsian filmed it when he was eight years old. His on-screen parents played the real father and mother — Alexander Polovtsev and Yuliya Sobolevskaya. After 25 years of marriage, they divorced, and now Alexander Polovtsev married the second time on the beloved younger than themselves. Polovtsian gratefully acknowledges the ex-wife, including that she was able to find a common language with his current wife.