Мария Погребняк перенесла операцию по удалению грыжи The designer decided on a new transformation. Mother of three children went to a plastic surgeon, which made her transconjuctival blepharoplasty. According to Mary, she did this procedure, as tired to cover up imperfections with Foundation.
Мария Погребняк перенесла операцию по удалению грыжи

According to many fans, the pursuit of excellence Maria Pogrebnyak knows no bounds. 58-inch waist blonde discuss not only Russian but also foreign mass media. About a month ago, for example, two American tabloid wrote about her unconventional mother of three children thinness. Apparently, this increased attention to appearance made a beautiful reflection not only on the procedures for the maintenance of tone and harmony of the body, but on the face. Moreover, the wife of the football player have a reason.

“See, that’s an ugly swelling under the eyes – open up with “StarHit” Maria. Is a hernia. It is very difficult to cover with Foundation. Ugly. And with age will only get worse. So I went ahead and made myself a transconjunctival blepharoplasty”.

The procedure was conducted by the renowned plastic surgeon Hayk Babayan, who worked with Dana Borisova, Anastasia Stotskaya, Anna Kalashnikova and mother-in-law of Maria Larisa. Earlier Gayk Pavlovic has adjusted the shape of the face of the mother of Pavel Pogrebnyak, and also gave her a series of injections of beauty. Maria Pogrebnyak took mother in law to a plastic surgeon

Мария Погребняк перенесла операцию по удалению грыжи“Mother is so pleased with the results that I also decided to contact the same specialist. I hope everything will be just fine” – with a smile says the designer.

Sam Babayan in the success of the procedure no doubt. “Removal of hernia on face – the procedure is simple. This is done either by the assistant injections or simple surgery. Is this story about half an hour of time and look younger 20 years, the patient starts in a couple of days”, – said the doctor.