Jolie and pitt have arranged an apartment for secret meetings

Джоли и Питт обустроили квартиру для тайных свиданий Despite the fact that the Hollywood stars are divorced, they continue to communicate with each other. Angelina Jolie considers it important that the children saw her ex-husband. Recently in a press there were details of meetings brad pitt with the heirs.
Джоли и Питт обустроили квартиру для тайных свиданий

Rumors related to the divorce of Hollywood stars brad pitt and Angelina Jolie, do not cease. Western tabloids regularly appear new details about the life of celebrities. Despite the fact that the actors broke up, they decided to maintain good relations. Angelina let brad to see the children.

As it became known to correspondents, Dating pitt heirs are held on neutral territory. According to an insider, Jolie is very difficult given the return to the house in which she was happy with her husband. So the actress decided to adapt it to brad with children separate apartment, located near his home.

“Angelina lot of emotional memories, so she can no longer endure the view of the house in which she raised children. In order to avoid the painful and uncomfortable position, Angie and brad have agreed and have arranged a special meeting place located in the neighborhood with them,” – told reporters anonymous source from an environment of actors.
Джоли и Питт обустроили квартиру для тайных свиданий

At the moment, Angelina Jolie and brad pitt live close to each other. In may one of the sexiest women in the world moved to a mansion in Los Angeles, located just a five minute drive from the habitat of her ex-husband. According to representatives of the media, the ex-wife went to such a step for the kids.

Angelina Jolie bought a mansion for $ 25 million. PHOTO

Earlier in one of his interviews, brad pitt first started talking about divorce with a famous actress. The actor has frankly told about how fighting with ex-wife in the heirs.

Джоли и Питт обустроили квартиру для тайных свиданий“I was down, I was trapped, when it came to guardianship and the police. But after that we engaged in joint problem solving. Each of us did everything we could. (…) I abandoned the idea of sole custody and I am glad that my former wife has supported me in this. This is an incredibly bad effect on children – the whole family in one moment collapsed,” said the man.

In turn, Angelina Jolie made clear that the breakup with her ex-husband became her ordeal. “I don’t want to say much about it… Say that it is a very difficult time… We are family and will always be family. And we’ll get through this together and I hope we as a family will only become stronger,” explained the actress.