67-летний Стиви Уандер женился в третий раз!
Wedding legendary singer was strictly classified.

67-летний Стиви Уандер женился в третий раз!

Stevie Wonder


Stevie wonder and Robin Brain


As it became known, Stevie wonder went
down the aisle. He married his friend, 42-year-old Robin Brain that was
the third marriage of the singer.

The wedding took place in Los Angeles, Bel Air Hotel, the ceremony was
strictly classified, and all guests took a subscription about nondisclosure of details
ceremony. So that happened there, it is known not too much. It is reported that the ceremony was invited
about 150 guests. The bride was dressed in a simple white bodycon style
dress and the groom in a black suit and his dark glasses is indispensable that the singer,
who lost sight in infancy, is constantly.

At the wedding of course there were a lot of music,
and Stevie songs. But the most striking moment of the ceremony, as told
present singer Marqueta Pippens,
was the “liberation of the butterfly” — when hundreds of colorful winged
insects released out of the box…

As told one of the guests, towards the end
in the evening, Stevie addressed the guests with a speech
in which he remembered his mother Lulu, Hardaway, who died in 2006-m to year. “I’m sure
you would have been very proud of the choice I made!” he said. As claimed,
his mother wasn’t too keen on former wives and girlfriends son…

As for newly-married couples Stevie
then it is a wonder I managed to live before the wedding as much as 5 years, and during that time she
blessed his two daughters. All in all, Stevie, who has always enjoyed
success with the ladies, there are still 7 children from five different women.