Алексей Ягудин пересел на мотоцикл
The athlete admitted that the trip was frightening.

Alexei Yagudin

Alexei Yagudin told how he learned to ignore
traffic jams. To save time, the skater decided to move on
motorcycle, even though it cost the athlete a lot of effort. Alex admitted that,
riding the iron horse, he had such a fear.

“I had two extreme days — shared Olympic
champion. A day or two, for which I had to leave and return to Sochi from Moscow. When
this morning I was mental work: lectures and public appearances, and
in the evening — physical: participate in the ice play “Romeo&Juliet”. Therefore,
today, for example, I realized that the only way to catch a plane is
to go on a motorcycle. Honestly, I almost didn’t… embarrass”.

Many celebrities prefer summer
to move on this mode of transport. Does Vladimir Yaglych, Viktor Loginov, Vladimir and Sergei kristovskie, which, by the way, from his youth fond of managing this
mode of transport. However, in the opinion of soloists “Ума2гмап”, with which agrees
the majority of motorcyclists riding in Moscow is reminiscent of the extreme-game “Try
to survive” or “come on, overnice!”. “Used to, and clipped, and fell and did a somersault
forward, — says Sergey. — We have
people love to switch from the fourth strip on the first, and girls in General
don’t look in the mirror…”, “Marks constantly changing, — continues Vladimir.

So revelation Yagudin, who frankly admitted that the trip
it turned out extreme, no one is surprised.