Son Luisana Lopilato undergoing treatment to reduce the tumor

Сын Луисаны Лопилато проходит курс лечения по уменьшению опухоли

In November of this year, Luisana Lopilato and Michael bublé shared with fans the sad news. The pair talked about the fact that their family fell real test in the form of a serious illness of their eldest son Noah.

A three year old boy found a tumor that required immediate treatment. Then Luisana and Michael said that as long as their child is fully recovered and get back on your feet, they will take part in a secular and professional life.

Now all forces are thrown on the couple to cure the boy. And it seems that the hope for recovery is.

Introduced family shared with the press new details of the treatment. At the moment Noah is undergoing chemotherapy which should reduce the tumor in size. Then the baby will do the operation for its removal. It is scheduled for the end of December.

Before surgery, the child will be a biopsy that will show how successful was the course of chemotherapy and whether the formation of cancer of the body.

Fingers crossed and wish the boy a speedy recovery!