Eva Longoria has been met with criticism from its fans

Ева Лонгория натолкнулась на критику от своих поклонников

Eva Longoria has learned that such fame, popularity and the love of the fans, when the screens released the first of a series of “Desperate Housewives”. Since then, the actress admired by her fans. But they are not always happy with what she’s doing. For example, Longoria has been criticized for incorrectly selected the outfit in which she walked through Beverly hills.

41-year-old star chose a white and gray tones. Eva was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, top threw on a cardigan and a hat. A seemingly ordinary man just walked down the street. But no! “couch critics” found the way Longoria utterly ridiculous, because she (Oh, God) highlighted all the shortcomings of its shape, besides, have focused on those that are in the pipeline. For example, some particularly careful discussing saw Eva double chin and the like beer belly.

Of course, respond to the critics and Longoria are not in a hurry. Yes, if she knows about them? – the big question.

We note only that for the last time, she has gained a few extra pounds. Just like her friend Cameron Diaz.