Сыну Инны Маликовой тяжело жить за границей Dmitry Malikov-the youngest are educated in a different country. The young man spends time in the hostel in Lyon and misses her family. The guy is not easy to be alone in a strange city, without parents and friends.

      Сыну Инны Маликовой тяжело жить за границей

      Among the Russian stars has long been fashionable to send children to study abroad. Son Inna Malikova since September of last year getting an education at the prestigious culinary Institute. Paul Bocuse. The singer shared with “StarHit”, as 18-year-old living in a foreign land.

      “It’s been more than six months, as Dima moved to Lyon, told the “StarHit” Inna. The son is bored and goes to Moscow once a month. The studies he is given hard, but he tries and he does. Nobody said it would be easy. He is now fluent in French. While living in a pretty isolated campus. I think that in a year, let’s shoot him a small Studio apartment. I want him to have a more active life. Gym, cafes and cinema. All this love the young men of his age. I’m not so often he has come, but France fell in love even more.”

      Soon Dima Malikov, Jr. will once again fly to Moscow to see her mother, uncle, cousin Stephanie, and many friends. Inna admits that the departure of the son abroad was a real event, it’s like she started a new life.

      By the way, this year the family Malkovich noted another important event. One of the most famous hits of Dmitry Malikov “my You’ll never be” which he wrote in 18 years, was 30 years old. Inna with her ensemble “New Samotsvety” have decided to make my brother a surprise and recorded a cover version of the song. The release of the track was held recently.

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      “I had a bit of a return to youth, – Dmitry told. – I was only 18 when I wrote a tune and decided that this would be the song. But the words to her, and began to look for suitable poems. Took a leap of faith and opened the bookcase, took out the first volume of poems. It turned out that it the poems by David Samoilov, with whose work I was almost unfamiliar. Opened to an arbitrary page and read the title: “Ballad”. And there are the words: “You’ll never be mine,/You’re my never gonna be,/ in Reality I will not like /in my sleep can’t fool me”. I immediately realized that this is exactly what I was looking for, and when I sat down to the piano and started to play, the word is formed on the melody. It was absolute magic, the miracle that came over me then, and now, when I heard their song “New Gems”, I have experienced it! Although it should be noted that the song turned out completely different. I didn’t even recognize her. Only realized when I heard the first words. And it’s very cool!”