Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы» The artist is preparing to release a new kinoraboty, in which he not only played a major role, but also acted as producer. Despite the fact that his whole family follow his work, Alexander finds that his successor is too small to view pictures.

      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»

      Popular actor Alexander Revva not only a successful parodist, actor, and producer. A man prepares to a wide rent his film “Grandma of easy virtue”, which is scheduled for the summer. After the presentation of the trailer for “StarHit” decided to find out about the upcoming premiere, as well as ask, will the family members of the artist’s most stringent critics.

      You recently presented the trailer for the new film. How the audience reacted to your work?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»I’m so pleased that it took incredibly warm. Because as usual – you’re worried, worried, when preparing a painting or a presentation, I try to like everyone. So it was this time. But what was my surprise when the whole audience reacted to the trailer with such a positive! It exceeded my expectations. The audience immediately took a liking to the picture, and I am very pleased. They appreciated humor, laughing, jokes. But we are not in debt left, he decided to join the appreciative audience to our work – staged interactive. We with Director Marius Weisberg long argued about the name of the picture, because we had three options – “con artist”, “Sanya transformer and Grandmother of easy virtue.” In the end, by a vote of the hall stopped on the last option.—
      You are not confused, that last year was a film with a similar name “the Grandfather of easy virtue”?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»Yes, we also took into account. But, you know, the same kind of banter within the genre. After all, judge for yourself, “Grandma easy virtue” – it’s a semi-joke in itself, plus it’s a parody of a well-known name. Maybe someone will say that it has an old-school mood. But the word “grandma” for all of us has his special story, it immediately creates some kind of atmosphere, you imagine plaid, a fireplace, and everything connected with native to you man…
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»
      What meaning do you put in the movie? Or is it just a Comedy to entertain people?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»It’s a Comedy with hints of a detective, there exists action, lots of dangerous stunts that included elements of drama. I would call it a kind of “smoothies” from different genres. Of course, the law drama, the main character in the end of the movie changes and makes some conclusions. The lead character originally refers to the elderly with indifference, even with contempt, in the final picture is completely transformed. His film we create is the mood at the audience that they came out of the cinema, wanted to call his grandparents to tell them nice words, ask about their life. People need to remember, cherish and of course, do not forget to help them.—
      How long he worked on the painting?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»The plan originated three years ago, wrote the script for two years. I can proudly say that the idea we have a completely original. Of course, such cross-dressing in the movies is not uncommon, but everything else is solely the idea of the creators of the project. I think this film can be translated into a foreign language – even English, even in Chinese, in Japanese though, this story is interesting in any country with different cultures.—
      Your paintings turned out to be the “star” part – you play Natalya Ionova-Chistyakova, Philip… You originally planned to remove them or they came to type?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»Under some of the actors we specifically wrote the role. for example, with Mr. Vladimir Tolokonnikov. Eugene Gerchakova I initially saw as my uncle the hero. I’m so glad he agreed to take part in our film. His charm, I’m sure will be of immense value to all in the first place, for the audience. I hope, all through the screen will be able to celebrate that. Natasha Chistyakova-Ionova played a charming nurse, coped with the role. It’s nice that Philip accepted our invitation and played brilliantly himself.
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»
      This picture for family viewing? You will show it to his daughters, Alice and Amelie?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»While we have a restriction of 16+. It’s more a youth Comedy. There are some spicy scenes, we don’t cut. Probably, my kids even earlier to watch such films, they will be not so interesting and understandable, but later, no doubt, girls will be able to appreciate the work of the Pope.—
      How do they perceive your on-screen image?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»While they all love. I’m glad they know and love to sing my songs. Alice and Amelie I love my work.—
      Daughter brag that their dad is famous?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»No, the eldest, Alice, refers to my popularity completely indifferent. Must be nice when daddy’s on TV, in the movies. Even when to approach me on the street to take pictures, she knows why. Alice understands that this is part of my job, so it is not surprising. Moreover, it is in his later years, is also a celebrity! In the social network she has so many subscribers! Amelie too, she is not inferior. Despite the fact that the youngest daughter is only four years, she is a real star of the Internet, all in awe of her videos.

      How do you control the accounts of its subsidiaries? Read the message, delete the nasty comments?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»Basically social networks that girls is my wife Angelica. Alice is old enough to distinguish good from bad, so I’m not worried that her Internet is somehow going to spoil. However, she will always be on the lookout! But I also periodically watch what happens to them in microblogs. Sometimes something I like, I share it with my subscribers. They, too, will receive a portion of positive emotions, which radiate my children.—
      Would you like to the girls to follow in your footsteps?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»While Angelica and watching the children what direction they are comfortable to develop. I believe that parents in any case should not impose his “I” have to always watch what is interesting and important to the child. It is clear that there is a family tradition, for example, of the dynasty of dentists. But I’m not going to break the baby’s life, to realize some of his ambitions. Let the girls are in charge of my life, and we will support. Now Alice draws well, sings beautifully – she is interested in these classes. Amelie still small, so we can conclude that it has more soul. She really likes math. Of course, as the older sister, she loves to sing, dance, in this direction she has a certain talent, therefore is more successful.

      On the set they have already given?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»Of course! They are interested in the world of cinema, but at the same time they understand that an artist can be hard. But to me it’s the best job.—
      You gave them the opportunity to act in films in small roles?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»No, as long as I have not filmed. The fact that we had very hard work – we were in the cold while working on the painting, plus worked in a short time – the intensity was very high. But I think my daughters will still be a huge number of opportunities to assert themselves in the movie. I look, with what pleasure they spend time on photo shoots and know what artistry they do not occupy.—
      How close are you with daughters? They trust you with secrets?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»Our bond is incredibly strong. As usual – mothers are closer to sons and dads to daughters. For me there is nothing more joyful to all my free time to be with the girls. I am amazed that they are profound for his age, with them so interesting. There was no case, that they somehow created a situation that parents had to tighten and feel uncomfortable.—
      What are you limiting children?
      Александр Ревва: «Дочерям рано смотреть мои фильмы»Of course, try to reduce the time they spend on gadgets, the Internet. I understand that modern children live in a different information space, they are faster on all react, make a decision. Their world is much more powerful than any book, TV – they almost do not look. In our family we support the family tradition of watching cartoons once a week we go all together or in a movie or reside home. They love the animation, I’m doing it. The girls know that dad’s making cartoons specifically for them. —
      As share the love between two daughters?
      Try to no one was offended. For example, when buying a gift for someone from them for the holiday, choose something for the other, so everyone was happy. Or if it’s some kind of General celebration, then take two of the same gift, so no tears were involved. I’m so pleased to see how little all the older copies, imitates, takes the example. So it is always with particular interest that Alice gave. There are times when trying to take that away. But as the eldest daughter of we have clever, she realizes that sometimes you have to concede that her dear sister was happy.