Ksenia Borodina flashed vocals at the party Katie’s Zsuzsa

Ксения Бородина блеснула вокалом на вечеринке Кати Жужи Stars “House-2” lit karaoke bar. Kate Susan eve noted the birthday in a circle of friends on a reality show. Ksenia Borodina, Victoria romanet, Daria Pynzar and the other girls partied till morning. But men are the birthday girl on your holiday is not called.

      Kate Susan, of which 18 were executed on March 29, in honor of his birthday I arranged a bachelorette party. The birthday girl invited close friends in one of karaoke bars in Moscow. Among the guests of Zsuzsa Katie was seen the brightest stars “House-2” Ksenia Borodina, Daria Pynzar, Victoria romanet and others.

      The hall of the institution on this occasion was decorated with pink balloons, as if hinting that there will be a holiday for girls only. Festive laid table was crowned with a figure made from balls of pink. The doll is very reminiscent of a birthday girl – Katya Zhuzha. Plastic surgeon to the stars: “Kate Susan calls: instead of whether to make the Breasts even more?”

      The celebration began late in the evening, but invited to his girlfriend Katie of Zsuzsa earlier in the day announced to subscribers of his microblog about what they’re going for a luxurious and incredibly cheerful holiday.

      The party was a dress code – all guests were instructed to be on her tutu skirts. The girls have kept it and then posted photos from the party under the hashtag #raccabacka, hinting at his past in “the House-2”.

      Judging by the many images and videos, the holiday was a success. The guests of Zsuzsa, Kati had a lot of fun, raskreposchenie fully and surrendering to the emotions. Ksenia Borodina sang karaoke a few songs, demonstrating that it has vocal, hearing, and sense of rhythm, and charisma. It was noted by members of the presenter.

      “Cool song! Well washerwoman walked”, “Xenia, you look beautiful, and sing so well”, “Here’s how to sing Buzova, an Amateur pure and from the heart! As ksyushka”, “sing good, everyone would have to sing”, “so Charismatic” – praised vocals of Ksenia Borodina users “Instagram”.

      The fans of the stars of the reality show thanking them for the opportunity to plunge into atmosphere of the holiday catty of Zsuzsa and to know in detail about how was the party girls for whom at the time of their participation in the project they felt with all my heart.

      “You girls are so cool!”, “Such good friends”, “Katyusha, happy birthday! Cool idea with the packs!”, “Incredible beauty!”, “What a cool photo, the bright holiday and the girls are all beauties as the selection”, – have been getting compliments all subscribers of the stars “House-2”.