Не хрустит капуста: как правильно просить взаймы There is never enough money. But sometimes so that has to seek financial support on the side. “StarHit” made several recommendations that will help not only to get out of a difficult financial situation, but at the same time to keep friends.

    Не хрустит капуста: как правильно просить взаймы


    To ask for a loan – not very pleasant, and almost all of us hesitate. To convince someone to lend you a certain amount, show confidence and firmness. Don’t say, “Basil, could you, by chance, if you don’t mind…” – the tone and the repetition of the particle “not” set up a prospective lender to say no. Be calm as a rock and say directly: “Basil, I need 20 thousand until the weekend. Help me out, please!” Try to do without long introductions – don’t ask about family, health, and vacation plans. After Basil half an hour to tell you about a sore throat have a Junior and a trip to Noumea, he will feel cheated when it comes to money: he thought that interesting to you, and you barely listened, waiting for a chance to get into his pocket!

    Speak clearly

    To persuade the sympathy to his side to help and specifics. Explain what you need the money, why you are not your funds and exactly when you intend to repay the debt. Do not indulge in lengthy explanations, but a brief business presentation of the facts will reassure the lender and show him that you are a reliable person.

    Come meet

    No one likes demands and ultimatums. But we are willing to cooperate with those who (we think) is ready to make concessions and to accommodate our interests. As this psychological phenomenon can be used, asking to borrow money? Very simple. If you need a 5 thousand ask for from 10. And if you refuse, pretend you and five will save, and the rest of you.


    Little to borrow money – you also need to give them so not to lose a friend, to preserve the reputation and create a nice credit history. Not always possible to repay the debt within the specified period, and the worst thing you can do is to go into the twilight. It is better to contact the lender, explain the situation and assign a new term. Otherwise, we have the impression that you are hiding from him. Often, people who need money, are ready to follow them to the edge of the light through the storm, and when the time comes to repay, too lazy to walk two blocks. You should not ask the lender to call for repayment of a debt, because you are uncomfortable, too lazy or have no time. He will certainly arrive, but that help may never expect.