Сын Грушевских сделал им незабываемый подарок Little Mike began to walk independently. The boy’s parents are in awe of his skills and very proud of them. Not long ago, the family was vacationing in Sunny Sochi, where Hrushevsky, Jr., first saw the mountains and the sea. Michael and Eugene are convinced that clean air and the mountainous climate is affected the health of the baby.

      Сын Грушевских сделал им незабываемый подарок

      Recently Hrushevsky and his wife, Evgenia and his son Mike returned from a two-week vacation, which is held in the best hotel of the ski resort Rosa Khutor Radisson. Year-old son of the couple out on the sea was the first in my life.

      “Initially, we had concerns that Sochi will be too hot for the child, – has shared with “StarHit” Hrushevsky. – Then we decided to choose the resort of Rosa Khutor, because there are more mild mountain climate. And I was right. Pleasant surprises began in the plane. Mike Jr. did not want to sit all the time in the chair, occasionally walking through the cabin and was friends with the Sochi Victor. Subsequently, he helped us in finding Sochi a nanny for Misha, and became a friend of our family.”

      Mikhail and Eugene were right. Little Misha felt very comfortable at the ski resort, almost did not cry and did not give parents any trouble. And one day even visited my dad’s concert. The kid sat in the arms of my mother, happily smiling, and ten minutes after the speech happily fell asleep.

      Сын Грушевских сделал им незабываемый подарок

      The next day they went to the beach in Adler, where swimming and sunbathing. “First, Mike is a little disturbing reacted to the sound of waves, – says Eugene Grushevskogo. But in the hands of the Pope immediately calmed down and even learnt to swim. And at the rose farm was just great! Mountains, river, clean air. Now we understand why this resort after the Olympics, praised”. And upon return to Moscow, to the delight of both parents, Hrushevsky Jr. confidently stood on his feet and went.

      “If he had tried, but it does not always work, then walked and never fell, – says Zhenya. Apparently, clean air and mountain climate, beneficial impact”.
      Сын Грушевских сделал им незабываемый подарок

      We will remind, in may the wife of Hrushevsky noted the anniversary of the birth of his son. For this reason, Michael and Eugene then had a party, inviting close friends. Guest of honour was Nelly Kobzon. “Dibrovy, Syutkini, Zhvanetsky gave greetings on the phone, and Vladimir Vinokur has recorded a video message shared with “StarHit” Hrushevsky. – Sam Michael at this time was at home with grandma and grandpa.”

      Parents Hrushevsky Jr. literally overwhelmed with gifts, and very useful. Among the presents were educational games, clothes to grow into, and certificates in fashion, baby stores, cars, scooter – in a word, all that is needed for the younger child. Mykhailo Hrushevsky and Eugene celebrated the birthday of the son

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