Лолита гордится достижениями мужа The artist sincerely admires her husband. Lolita recently posted several photos where her other half is revealed from an unexpected quarter. As it turned out, the tennis player Dmitry Ivanov — the inveterate mushroom picker.

      52-year-old singer Lolita is married to 41-year-old tennis player Dmitry Ivanov for several years now. Many friends of the pair believe they are the perfect couple. In his interview with Lolita often speaks of his wife with admiration. Despite the fact that the singer sometimes allows itself the extravagant antics, the favorite is almost always forgives her.

      Recently the actress shared in social networks photos taken during a joint holiday with her lover. They can see the basket, bursting with a large number of fungi. According to Lolita, it’s one of the Hobbies of her husband Dmitry Ivanov.

      “Here’s a mushroom catch!”, signed the Lo.

      Subscribers stars was amazed by the talent of its second half. “What noble mushroom”, “Bravo”, “Lovely”, “Where got?”, “Oh, invite me to dinner!”, “A dream, so many mushrooms, not Fair to tease us so”, “that was delicious”, “Divine”, — could not constrain emotions followers Milavskaya.

      Celebrity photographed by Dmitry Ivanov immediately after he returned home from the generous gifts of nature. “The husband returned from hunting on the white!”, — shared the actress in the microblog. Fans Milavskaya noticed that her husband looks great. “I don’t know which is cooler — the mushroom or Dima, “Dima well with the fashionable beard”, “Happiness to you”, “your husband has a new look? He’s so Mature”, “You are very harmonious together, even become similar over time, as all the happy couples”, “How cool that you are all well,” they share your opinion in the comments to the publication of Lolita.

      Earlier in his interview with the IBA said that, sometimes quarrel with her husband, but the reconciliation in their family there fast enough. “I was lucky beside me kind, patient man who tolerates my flaws” — shared celebrity. According to her, the disagreement with Ivanov are due to the fact that Lolita sometimes goes too far. In such situations, Dmitry usually go to sleep in the nursery, and the next morning lover usually asks his forgiveness.

      The actress also admitted that her husband repeatedly raised the subject of children, but the star has no plans to become mother again. Recall that from the marriage with Alexander Tsekalo Lolita has a daughter, Eva, who was born in 1999. His reluctance to get a second child Palladium explains several reasons. First, the singer is too busy with work, and, secondly, Lolita believes that at her age it is very dangerous to give birth.

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