Son hit home with Larsen refuses to take a bath on an empty stomach

Сын Тутты Ларсен отказывается принимать ванну на голодный желудок
The presenter discussed with experts the question of frequent bathing.

Tutta Larsen with her husband and children

Photo: courtesy of the press service of the artist

Many young
moms often wonder how often should I bathe baby? Whether in
to use some special gels and soap? Bathe the child in a special
the bath or you can use a shared bath? Why do some children love to swim, and the others crying? On
your channel TUTTA.TV tutta
Larsen discussed these issues with experts

“If to speak about the experience of my family, all my children
immediately bathed in the General bath, — tells tutta. — Luke, we even
practiced snorkeling. Martha, we just bathed
in warm water, but with the younger Vanya was very different. He began to shout, to squeak
and strongly resisted the water.
Then a wise pediatrician told me that some kids don’t like
swimming on an empty stomach. It turned out,
the belief that no child should be bathed after a meal, can be disproved, and
some children can not stand to swim hungry. As soon as I start to feed
Vanya before bathing, he began to get the process immensely.”

experts believe that bathing babies every day is not necessary. Especially do not recommend frequent use
soap when bathing. More useful for bathing newborn to use herbs —
antiseptic, chamomile or eucalyptus. If the child appeared prickly heat or
some small inflammation, the herbs will help to soothe the skin. Other doctors recommend to bathe the child
daily and believes that without detergent
funds can not do. The kid is not
protected from all kinds of bacteria and fungi.
Its flora can not cope with them independently, so the skin
the baby should be cleaned daily. Since 6 months, when protective factors
skin can adequately cope with the external environment, to bathe the child through

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