Andrey Arshavin had built the family nest in Kazakhstan

Андрей Аршавин свил семейное гнездышко в Казахстане Football player celebrating a birthday on may 29. The sportsman turns 35. In the eve of the anniversary of Andrew “StarHit” learned as a former captain of the national team of Russia Arshavin settled in Kazakhstan, where he plays for the team “Kairat”.

      Андрей Аршавин свил семейное гнездышко в Казахстане

      This week, may 29, the former captain of Russian national team Andrey Arshavin celebrates 35th birthday. “StarHit” learned that the athlete denies ex-wife to take the children abroad, why he will not celebrate this anniversary and why take off one of the most expensive apartments in Almaty.

      Well settled

      For the three months that Arshavin plays in Kazakhstan “Kairat”, he only once managed to score a goal. Meanwhile, teammates discuss what his salary is much higher their fees. And joke that the pay-day machine counts his banknotes for a few minutes longer than them. Despite this, kayratovtsy warmly welcomed the newcomer.

      Андрей Аршавин свил семейное гнездышко в Казахстане“We quickly became good friends,” says the “StarHit” the defender of “Kairat” Timur Rudobelsky. – Andrew very easy to talk to, with a good sense of humor, collected and thoughtful. Unfortunately, the leisure time we have, are mostly intersected on the football field. He how older friend often gives me advice says that you should always set goals and during the game to do the same thing in training. Sometimes have dinner together. I married his beloved will soon come, and then arrange a family outing to a restaurant”.

      Most often, Arshavin, by the way, you can meet strolling through the shopping complex Essentai Mall or at the Union bar in the city centre, where concerts of local artists, DJ sets and live football matches. Also this place is famous for good hookahs. A broad survey Andrew is in the diagnostic center ORHUN MEDICAL to the doctor of radiation diagnosis of Maxim]. The last time the athlete was seen in the clinic a month ago.

      Андрей Аршавин свил семейное гнездышко в Казахстане

      Arshavin girlfriend, 34-year-old Alice Kazmina, planned to fly to Kazakhstan in late April, but her arrival is delayed: the family decided to wait until the end of the school year when my older daughter Catimini will begin a vacation. The arrival of the girl and her children Andrew had prepared thoroughly.

      Beloved Arshavin told the truth about their relationship

      “The first time he lived on the base, then the hotel says “StarHit” another colleague football player at “Kairat”, the goalkeeper Vladimir Groshev. – But recently moved: we rented a spacious apartment in the center”.

      As we found out the “StarHit”, player apartments with two bedrooms are located on one of the last floors of the residential complex Esentai, in which, by the way, had settled and his teammate Anatoliy Tymoshchuk. All residents of the apartment, furnished in the style of minimalism, and cleans the cleaning company, serving the neighboring the Ritz-Carlton, as well as providing a Laundry and dry cleaning services.

      Андрей Аршавин свил семейное гнездышко в Казахстане

      Only cake

      Anniversary Arshavin is planning to celebrate in Alma-ATA – with colleagues, “Kairat” and family. “Our team has a tradition: each player buys his birthday cake and we eat it for tea on the basis,” – says Timur Rudobelsky.

      Unfortunately, next to Andrew on this day will not be his children from the TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya – Yana, Artem and Arseny. The player was never able to reconnect with them. Middle daughter Yana, who celebrated a birthday in April, he didn’t even congratulate.

      Andrey Arshavin owed 20 million children

      “Andriy has paid all the debts his ex-wife in child support is about 8 million rubles, – said the lawyer Baranovskaya Andrew Tyndik. – Sons and daughter, he is not seen, and calls up, among other things, prevents to live. Recently, he again did not sign the permission to travel abroad – Julia wanted to have a rest with children on the beach”.

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