Solntsev gave advice Stepanov: “Pick the snot from the floor and forward”

Солнцев дал совет Степанову: «Подбирай сопли с пола и вперед» The showman spoke about the depression of the actor. According to Solntseva Stepanov need to gather strength to find a role. Rustam believes that Bob is the architect of his own happiness, but for this you just have to make the effort.

The star of the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov became the hero of the discussions this week. After painting in 2008, the actor was left without a job, plunged him into a depression that drove him to the hospital in April of this year, a young air fell from the window of the apartment located on the fifth floor and broke his spine. Today Stepanov life is not in danger, he almost recovered after the tragedy. However, friends and acquaintances of the artist continue to worry about him.

With Vasily Stepanov require a million rubles

Every week, Rustam Solntsev in the category “Mamadorogaya” portrays the stars of Russian show business. He couldn’t ignore the situation, which turned out to Stepanov.

“Today Vasily Stepanov… Or Stepan Vasiliev – well, do you remember this actor from the “Inhabited island” – began his appeals Solntsev. I remember his eyes, lips, curls, but the game acting something don’t remember. And now this would-be actor now known for having endlessly and, thank God, without much success, tries to commit suicide. VAS, like in Russian… there is no one to say that if you knee in the ass to give? To move, yeah so good to see you finished we head to fool.

Rustam Stepanov advised to follow the example of the legendary Ludmila Gurchenko. According to the showman, when she was years of inactivity, she even went on to star in the crowd.

“In the seventh row stood. And which star then, as we all love it! And you just whine and whine. Snap out of it! To hear more about you!” – said the sun.

Rustam sure the problem Stepanova in a weak character.

“He thinks if gorgeous, the whole world should be at his feet, says the sun. He is already 31 and still live with some illusions… Bob, something to have to work and don’t just Shine pretty face. Stop sitting around, go on auditions, maybe, you get noticed and get the job. Enough to sit on the mother’s neck! And there, staring, in themselves comes, the girl is good-good you meet, and you have the head snap into place. And then all feeling sorry for myself, whining that the peak of your career in the past. Pick the snot from the floor and forward towards new roles! We believe in you!” – says Rustam.