Numerologist: “Chulpan Khamatova quarrel with her husband because of his inability to remain silent”

Нумеролог: «Чулпан Хаматова ссорится с супругом из-за своего неумения молчать» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future star. According to experts, Chulpan worth visiting spiritual places, and also change the attitude to money, in order to avoid financial difficulties.

Today the actress Chulpan Khamatova turns 42. Chulpan in films, plays in the theater, and actively involved in charity work, more than 11 years and is the founder of the Fund “give life”. The organization helps children suffering from oncological and hematological diseases. A celebrity married to actor and Director Alexander Shane, they grow up three daughters – 15-year-old Arina, 14-year-old Asya and 7-year-old Ia. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code actress and made a forecast for her future.

“Chulpan was born in “the Day of successful endeavors,” says Clara. Her life code 246224 means she’s the host of a sign of power and for all its apparent fragility has the gift to lead people. If she hadn’t become an actress, she’d be a great leader. She is a peacemaker, which tells about her huge patience and ability to settle any conflicts.

According to numerology Chulpan is a very emotional and sensitive person, donor psycho. Star strives to help others and share with them her blessings.

“Khamatova keen sense of justice, she can’t bear to see if anyone is hurt or unjustly punished, will always intervene, intercede. Sincere and trusting person, she is inclined to make the wrong people because he thinks they better than they are, according to itself,” – said Kuzenbaeva.

However, according to Kuzenbaeva, celebrity man is too stubborn, so arguing with her is useless, she is one of those who has own truth.

“Because of this loved ones sometimes it can be difficult: it offends their straightforwardness, often speaks the unpleasant truth that people don’t want to hear about yourself. Because of this, between her and her husband Alexander often quarrel broke out, because the star can not remain silent when it is necessary”, – said the numerologist.

According to Kuzenbaeva, Chulpan there is a cult of the family, so she’ll do anything for daughters. “She puts into them the soul, forgetting itself that is not quite right, because she needed more rest is hard work and life has taken up all her strength and lack of respite can have a negative impact on her health,” said Clara.

“A 42-year life of a star is difficult, it is necessary to visit the spiritual places. Chulpan is not advised to make large purchases, possible financial losses. Also, the actress may have to suffer for their credulity. And after 43 years in her life will be a favorable period,” said Kuzenbaeva.