Солнцев о промахе Смолова: «Взялся извиняться и плакать на камеру! Зачем?» Rustam Solntsev commented on the scandal surrounding Fedor Smolov. According to the showman, footballer brought not a sincere apology, and he’s totally not worried for not scoring a penalty

The match Russia-Croatia became the most discussed event of the last week. At the crucial moment CSKA Moscow failed to score a penalty in gate of rivals, and as a result, domestic players were eliminated from the world Cup.

Missed penalty had turned into a real scandal, and fans hit the athlete with a wave of criticism. Fyodor hastened to apologize, but according to Rustam Solntseva, he didn’t have to do that. Showman said “StarHit” about the true motives that drove Smolov.

“Fedka Smolov took to apologize. I don’t understand why he does it. Fed, we all know your moral and ethical qualities of the players. Sorry for this rant. Remember all your losses when you immediately flew to Monte Carlo to bathe in champagne. And then type led, and you cry and cry. I remember your ex, Victoria Lopyreva told how you playing for days in “the Bunker” and communicate in social networks. Here you are a boy. So the last time you apologize, cry a little and blow to play “DotA”, — shared his thoughts Solntsev.

Rustam sure that the morals of modern footballers is far from ideal, and this is why athletes find yourself in the epicenter was scandalo. He advised Smolova to forget about the disappointing defeat and cease to speak about it.

Smolov himself is trying to distance itself from the scandal. Earlier, his teammates were told that the player felt terrible after missing that penalty. He even asked for forgiveness from the companions, believing himself to blame for the loss.

Fyodor was supported by many stars who urged his fans not to “poison” the player who left his soul on the field. However, Rustam Solntsev stands his ground: in his view, no remorse there is no question. Apologies Smolov are only trying to regain the universal love of sport fans.

Anyway, the Russian Team was able to pleasantly surprise all fans of football. Domestic athletes for the first time in its history went out in the 1/4 finals, and almost beat the Croats. However, during a penalty shootout they had not enough luck.