Александр Маршал признался, что женился по расчету The famous musician became the hero of the show, Yuri Nikolaev, “Honestly”, which said that at the time he went on cheating and has concluded fictitious marriage with a woman. However, the singer didn’t know what it could mean for him.
Александр Маршал признался, что женился по расчету

61-year-old Alexander Marshall came in “good faith” with Yury Nikolaevym. Leading, as expected, elicited from musician’s all the secret about his personal life. Alexander was married three times. Marshall admits that with the first wife entered into a sham marriage. Surprisingly he lived with this woman for a long time.

With her Marshall still broke up. The reason is simple — too busy musician did not like that his wife violated his personal space. The couple never had children. They were born from a musician in the second and third marriages.

“The first marriage I was needed. In Soviet times, to obtain a residence permit, it was necessary to enter into a marriage. We agreed with one of the women that we’re fictitious, but began to live now! Somehow it happened to us. And we lived together for many years,” said Alexander with a smile.
Александр Маршал признался, что женился по расчету

Throughout the life of a good role model to Alexander were his parents, who lived in perfect harmony until his death. At this time, Marshall is happy with his new fiancee Karina Nugaevoyi who was younger than his 36 years. Nugaev says: the age in their relations not a hindrance.

The new fiancee of Alexander Marshall told about his character

“Despite his age, he is still a boy. Sometimes I say, well, look, I’m serious in this situation than you do,” shared Kareena in one of the shows.

Many believe Alexander is a very loving man. Him and then credited novels with beautiful girls. About three years ago there were rumors allegedly Dating Marshall model Yulia from St. Petersburg. The singer has not confirmed such speculation but he admits that he had a close relationship with the former soloist of group “Brilliant” Hope Handle. However, today this novel in the past: the Handle on the child by another man.