Софья Каштанова призналась, что Егор Бероев оказался плохим возлюбленным
Popular actress gave a candid new interview.

Sofya Kashtanova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

In an exclusive
an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories” Sofya Kashtanova that colleagues know how
does not conflict actress, recalled the difficult period of the work of Egor

“I then
starred in the series “Cycle” — it was an interesting project — says Sophia. —
I played the girlfriend of the main character — a designer who falls in love with flamboyant
photographer. They begin a scorching, torrid affair, but he had a family, he and his wife
just got a child, nurtured by a surrogate mother. My character
suffering and even tries to commit suicide, but the finale finds happiness with
a regular guy who is willing to be patient and wait. Read the script and thought:
“Well, “circulation” they made up!” But the Director Pasha Drozdov managed to remove
very clear story.

beloved played by Egor Beroev. It was extremely difficult partner, between
we often had misunderstandings. Came to conflicts, what with me never
doesn’t happen. Beroev did it to me the comments are not always polite. Though
to command on the court — the prerogative of the Director, share your
brilliant finds and he will find how to communicate them to your partner. But Beroev
tact was not different, really pushing me, did not choose expressions, his words
sounded humiliating. So colleagues do not communicate. Brightly manifested itself Igor
Bochkin, the nature of his Oh-Ho-Ho! All were built. Just thunder! But the actor is great.”

interview of Sophia Chestnut read in the new issue of the magazine “Karavan