Elena Vaenga was seriously injured

Елена Ваенга получила серьезную травму
The singer announced the postponement of August’s long-awaited performance.

Elena Vaenga

Elena Vaenga has shared with fans the sad news. Singer
admitted that he suffered a serious injury, resulting in it will have
to postpone the planned July performance in August.

“I’m sorry, — the singer speaks. But I almost can’t
to move. I know that was supposed to be a full house. And I know that will be fine. Forgive me that this year is full of disease… On the transfer date
will report the other day, but it will definitely be August.”

Elena do this year is often canceled
scheduled performances due to illness. The peak was at the end of last and beginning of this year.
The last winter star not once suffered from a severe flu. One of them had complications
on the throat of the artist. It threatened the operation, as she then told the fans.
“After the abolition of Israel, I do not molecules, went to sing Dec. The result is —
sang sites. Cancelled 10 minutes ago and Samara, and Togliatti. Future concerts
also it is impossible to sing, but cannot be undone. What is the consequence? You can hum the nodes to
the status of the operation, and then keep quiet will have six months…” — told

However, to call the 2017-th year heavy and really black for Vaenga impossible. In
this year she managed to travel and visit the land of dreams — Cuba. In addition
the star is incredibly thinner and prettier.