Филипп Киркоров поведал, на кого похож ребенок Сергея Лазарева The singer told about the heir colleagues in show business. According to Philip Kirkorov, little Nikita is a very charismatic boy, who grows very talented. The actor also added that Sergei loves his child.

In December last year it became known that the singer Sergey Lazarev is raising an adorable son, Nikita. Artist two years admitted being a happy father. The footage, which appeared on the Network, by walking together with the baby, however the baby was not visible. After some time in the microblog Sergey appeared the first photos with her son. Lazarev prefers not to show the face of the heir, trying to keep him from the scrutiny of the public.

Recently, reporters talked to other artist Philip Kirkorov. The king of pop is well aware of Sergei, because he is raising children – Alla-Victoria and Martin. During the conversation with the correspondent the singer told who you look like the kid in the Lazarev sea.

“Nikita and Sergei are the same person! All this sweet child I have not met”, – said Kirkorov.

In addition, during the meeting with representatives of the media, the singer has told, how a son of Sergey Lazarev. According to Philip Kirkorov, Nikita is a very talented and capable boy. The contractor believes his colleague in show business wonderful parent who is willing to do anything for his heir. The king of pop compare Sergey Lazarev with another stellar father – with Maxim Galkin, the soul is not interference in the charming Lisa and Harry.

“Nikita is an incredible boy. You when you see will understand everything. And to be honest, he as a father, I put five of ten pros. I thought Max is an amazing father. But when I saw how full of his son Sergei, I would say that today fathers give odds to many moms,” explained the singer.

We will add that a month ago, Sergey Lazarev shared how it changed the paternity. In recognition of the singer, he loves his heir. The actor also explained why such a long time did not tell anyone about the baby. “My favorite son, I don’t know how lived without it before. From the first day of my life I take care of him. That’s why I didn’t tell anyone about Nikita. I’m happy and don’t want anyone to interfere. I could kill you, strangle”, – said the singer.

Sergey Lazarev has experienced a double loss

Perhaps in the near future the son of actor will meet with the children of Philip Kirkorov. About it the correspondent said the king of pop. “When Nikitos was very young, our already growing up. But now, Nikita is three and our five. (…) It is time!” – quoted by Sobesednik.ru.