Sofia Rotaru: the truth about the kidnapping of the singer and her unknown daughter

София Ротару: правда о похищении певицы и ее неизвестной дочери For actress her fans to go on offense. The representative of the star said that the entire career of the singer, often came across fans with unstable mentality. According to concert Director Rotaru, she learned to treat such things with humor.

      София Ротару: правда о похищении певицы и ее неизвестной дочери

      Last week, the Network appeared the news that 69-year-old Sofia Rotaru is in danger. On the night of January 31, unknown Muscovite called police and reported that the singer took a hostage and are holding her in the apartment on the Garden ring. Law enforcement officers immediately went to the specified address. However, on the ground none was found.

      Fans of Sofia Rotaru excited by the news of her abduction

      “Sofia Mikhailovna humorously refers to such “news” – shared with “StarHit” the concert Director Rotaru Sergei Lavrov. – At the time she and her family were vacationing in Spain. When I read on the Internet about her own kidnapping, of course, laughed. Made a joke on this subject: “Despite the current relations between Russia and Ukraine, it is nice that so many people, the Russians, worried about me. Started to call, to write, to wonder whether all is well.” Especially funny it seemed to her the detail about the apartment on the Garden, where Sofia Mikhailovna supposedly held. After all, she had to be. He says, well, it turns out, came to the capital and went to the apartment of a stranger stagger in one and captured”.
      София Ротару: правда о похищении певицы и ее неизвестной дочери

      They called me “daughter”

      This is not the first case when Sofia Rotaru bothered obsessive fans with unstable mentality. After the concert “song of the year” in the Kremlin in December of 2016 with its Director contacted the girl that considers herself the daughter of the artist. “He said that it was not allowed in the dressing room to “mother”, but be sure to pass Sofia Mikhailovna important message – continued Lavrov. – Say, Rotaru in danger – it wants to poison. The mission of this girl – to save the star. Of course, I immediately realized that the conversation didn’t fit in. Politely said goodbye and hung up the phone, promised that he will wash fruits and vegetables before eating”. The fan calmed down and continued his attempts to contact Rotaru through other people. Found the phone numbers of son singer, his wife, tried to reach out through the fan club. “I told Sofia Mikhailovna about these calls – smiles Lavrov. – She’s already used to everything, but then was surprised and said, “What in my life just was not: and maniacs, and various rumors… Only daughters and not enough.”

      София Ротару: правда о похищении певицы и ее неизвестной дочери

      “Surprises” from Galina

      Relatives of the singer repeatedly persuaded to hire bodyguards. They say that they have all the famous artists. But Rotaru conversation was short: “I am a folk artist, so I don’t want to separate themselves from the people. Security I don’t need”. Before the tour of Siberia concert Director actress offered her support of the two security. “It is not they will protect me, and I them,” joked Sofia Mikhailovna. However, a few years ago she almost agreed to help security personnel – a long-time fan Rotaru from Tula has passed all bounds.

      “We had such a fan – Galina Starodubova. Somehow, some way, she borrowed a cell phone the entire environment of Sofia Mikhailovna and her, – says Sergey Lavrov. – Calling from morning to night. The girl wanted to become a friend of the stars, but their behavior has caused only negative emotions. What she didn’t pay enough attention, angry Galina. She started to give us “surprises”. Called and threatened to splash Sophia Mikhailovna in lickilicky or hurt her a little more at the time granddaughter. And once before the concert in the circus of Ryazan, when all the guests were already in the room, the artist was about to go on stage, Galina called the police and reported that the building of the bomb. Of course, the site immediately went to the riot police, people were evacuated, the event was disrupted”.
      София Ротару: правда о похищении певицы и ее неизвестной дочери

      The same thing happened on other stages. Somehow Starodubova learned and the numbers of flights which Rotaru flies from Kiev to Moscow, called and reported that the plane is mined. In one such false call Galina was arrested in his apartment in Tula, and even spent almost three months in a Moscow jail. However, leaving on freedom, has not calmed down and continued to get artist. Later, the fan was arrested again, after she about 10 years ago, “mined” the Kremlin was trying to disrupt the anniversary concert of Rotaru. Then the woman got three years of imprisonment. Sofia Mikhailovna even worried about the fans: “unfortunately, there are crazy people that do. None of the representatives of creative professions from such attention is not immune”.