“It’s my money!”: David Beckham in the center of a scandal after hacking his email

«Это мои деньги!»: Дэвид Бекхэм в центре скандала после взлома его почты

David Beckham has attacked by hackers. The network got its personal correspondence, from which it follows that the ex-footballer makes charitable donations to obtain the title of knight.

David Beckham (David Beckham) appeared in the center of the scandal: hackers posted his personal correspondence, from which it follows that the ex-footballer and goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF (UNICEF) was engaged in charity work for PR and receive the knight’s title. He rudely spoke to the lords and not to give him assistance, and also refused the donations for the gala dinner UNICEF in Shanghai. “It’s my money!” – wrote David in a personal letter. It was about 800 thousand pounds sterling (about one million dollars).

Beckham’s representatives have acknowledged the authenticity of the correspondence and commented: “All these statements taken out of context and give a false picture of what happened. David Beckham and UNICEF are collaborating closely for the past 15 years. His Foundation, The David Beckham 7 Fund collected millions of pounds of dollars and helped millions of abused children around the world.” UNICEF representatives also spoke out in defense of the reputation of Beckham: “David Beckham is the Ambassador of our organization since 2005. He devotes a lot of his time, energy, effort and funds to work with children, he’s very caring”.

Recall that David Beckham is the Order of the British Empire, but has no knightly title. Knighthood is granted to the subjects of great Britain in recognition of special merits. Men get the right to be called the title of “sir” and women “Dame”. For achievements in the arts this title was Paul McCartney (Paul McCartney), Elton John (Elton John), Sean Connery (Sean Connery), Patrick Stewart (Patrick Stewart), Judi Dench (Judi Dench) and Helen Mirren (Helen Mirren).