Sofia Kashtanova hooked on hardware

София Каштанова подсела на «железо»
The star of the show “Wolf’s heart” found a way to achieve the perfect figure and I learned to get rid of a bad mood.

Sofia Kashtanova

Photo: TNT

Striving for perfect harmony, the actress tried to sit on diets, did yoga, Pilates and stretch marks. However, the result was dissatisfied. And just last year she found a new power system which successfully changed her diet. And in sports training has been textured to pull the body due to the fact that last year she was engaged in power sports. Classes with “iron” was suddenly able to relieve yourself from stress. “The trainers, as it turned out — a great workout for the head. Here you come to the gym in a bad mood, and after class all somewhere disappears. I get from exercise is enormous pleasure!”

To avoid mistakes made by beginners, Sophia immediately took coach. “It’s important not to pump iron, to create the right terrain, she says. — First worked with me guys, this girl. It focuses on the main “female” muscle groups: butt, legs, stomach. By the way, about the stomach. There are girls who have it by nature flat. I have a different structure, so the stomach I still rock and swing! While I have absolutely no desire to cubes. I just want to be slim”.

Thanks to the studies, the actress no longer worry when gaining a few pounds in weight: “All the excess is spent in the classroom in the hall.”

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