Regina todorenko: “I Hope that I have twins!”

Регина Тодоренко: «Надеюсь, что у меня родятся близнецы!»
The star of the show “heads and Tails” spoke about how genetic characteristics can affect future children.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: from personal archive of Regina Todorenko

A brave traveler Regina todorenko, which is now in another long trip to the other side of the world, admitted that its plans for the future — not just the exotic vacations and endless expedition. Now, after the world tour, the presenter can perform any man’s job, but in my heart, of course, remains a little girl, with dreams of a beautiful wedding and a friend’s daughter.

“On the one hand, I want
a wedding and a ring, and a white dress — it’s sure
will be, — says Regina. On the other hand, in 18 years I just wanted
stronger. Because at this age you really have nothing to do. Well than you
busy? Studying at the University, with friends hanging out, receive a scholarship, in
projects some part of it. There is a time to give birth to children, to educate, though
she is small, but the time, that is. Now, I sometimes collect a bunch of not
can. Well, I have a lot of helpers I couldn’t have done it. As here
be responsible also for some of the little man? Although I’m sure sooner or
later, the children I will have. And even I honestly the names they long ago came up with no.

just thinking about having children: already decided what kind of education will get

“I want more than one child, how much
God willing, preferably twins. And that shot I have: my great-grandmother
was triplets, and it’s passed on genetically — told Todorenko. And
still think that when I have kids, I’ll give them to a military camp, you will teach them
to survive in Africa, in the jungle, in the desert. I have trained, I
give them a school of life! Children need to know the price of everything. I’ll be a strict mom.
However, to my five-year-old nephew Daniel (we call him dado) I’m not
strict. I’m in it for something like Mary Poppins, because there is always somewhere to fly.
He really misses me, I always send him videos: planes,
turtles, crocodiles. Sometimes we dado speak English, he
already an adult and very busy young man. Just wonder how many
in his head: he likes to learn. He uses the compound
suggestions. Still loves to dance, sing, he likes theatre. Probably, Dado
grows up to be just curious and subversive, as his aunt. I sometimes hang out with
him all day, and so enough of that I think: no kids don’t need, already have

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