София Коппола снимет ремейк «Обманутого» с Клинтом Иствудом

Sofia Coppola found the draft on the soul and prepares for its implementation. According to Variety, the Director decided to reshoot the film 1971 with Clint Eastwood in the title role.

The daughter of the famous filmmaker will create a remake of the drama “Deceived”, which was originally expected don Siegel.

At this point we know that a movie can join Kirsten dunst, Elle fanning and Nicole Kidman.

In addition, Sofia will be the Director of the film, she will prepare her script. How much he will differ from his predecessor is currently unknown.

Note that the original movie “the Deceived” was agnosticism based on the novel by Thomas Cullinan “A Painted Devil” and told the story of a wounded Yankee John Macburnie, during the Civil war in the United States who have found shelter in a boarding school for girls in Louisiana. As the soldier is on the mend, exclusively by female staff and inmates of the institution are astonished with the man, and the atmosphere in the house gradually filled with suppressed sexual energy, jealousy and lies.

Start date of filming or the premiere of the film is not defined.


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