Representative David Beckham commented on the rumors about his divorce with Victoria

Представитель Дэвида Бекхэма прокомментировал слухи о его разводе с Викторией

“One of the strongest pairs of modern show business on the verge of divorce”, “This is the end”, “the era of Beckham’s over”… these headlines this week are full of not only yellow, but also having the reputation of the publication.

The rumor is that the family of Beckham tensions appeared in the beginning of this year. Initially, the culprits in the conversations that Victoria and David are getting a divorce, the couple gave themselves, when they stated that the next six months, they are going to live apart (Victoria was going to expand the business, and David, meanwhile with children had to be in Los Angeles). A little later it became known that the player has terminated his contract with the company and his wife is no longer her business partner. Consequently, this is the first step towards the carve-up of not only property but also business.

Spouses to comment on his divorce and has entrusted this mission to his representative. “In this story there is not an ounce of truth, — said the representative of Beckham. – Everyone who argues like that, just are suffering from hallucinations. Won’t hurt them to come back to reality”.

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