To see Justin Bieber Champions

Встретиться с Джастином Бибером смогут только избранные

Last week, canadian singer Justin Bieber is very upset his fans, saying that this tour is forced to cancel appointments with a fan, passing, as a rule, the field shows. The contractor explained that their fatigue, which cannot give one hundred percent during the concert. But fans of the singer were surprised to see photos of some fans with Justin, made at the time.. those cancelled meetings. As it turned out, the meeting with Bieber, but not for all.

We previously reported that the cost of those “get-togethers” behind the scenes amounted to two thousand dollars, but from that Bieber was willing to give for the sake of good sleep and quality shows. As reported by insiders, the meeting with the singer go, as before, there are many and different amounts.
To get the Golden ticket, you must know Justin personally or someone from his close environment, who can guarantee – you won’t spill the beans.
TC, caused a lot of noise photo thirteen-year-old female fans of Bieber Emma walnut, which parents are not stingy to the meeting with the idol.
“Great Job, Bieber. Told everything was canceled, and he’s Dating Emma walnut”, “So nice that rich people can arrange a meeting with Bieber, no matter what”, “Excuse me, ordinary people. Life is pain,” commented the situation the fans of Justin, and something tells me that their is now a little less.

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