Socialite Victoria Demidov told about the sudden death of her husband

Светская львица Виктория Демидова рассказала о внезапной смерти мужа The young woman announced on Instagram about the tragedy in the family. According to Victoria Demidova, she grieved the death of a spouse. Her lover died at the end of November.

Businesswoman and blogger Victoria Demidova is a role model for many of its fans. She leads a healthy lifestyle, actively developing their own business and at the same time take care of the family. With her husband Anton, a young woman lived in a happy marriage for 12 years. She regularly shares pictures with her lover, so the news of his sudden death was a shock for members of a socialite.

As it turned out, the husband of Victoria Anton passed away at the end of November, but she preferred not to talk about it. Just before the forty days since the death of the beloved Demidov found the strength to discuss the tragedy with fans.

“The clot has blocked a pulmonary artery, heart stopped, and he was not able to start. My husband was 48. I can accept death when the person for a long time and seriously ill or dying of old age, but not so. Sometimes I think it’s all true and I brutally played. Sometimes it seems that he’ll go and say: here I am. Anton all for me. This is my best friend,” – said Victoria.

According to 39-year-old woman, the news of his death became for her a complete surprise. Within a few weeks Demidova tried to grasp what had happened. Now a businesswoman living only for my son.

Fans were quick to support the young woman in such a difficult period. “Can’t believe it! What a nightmare”, “Vic, hold on. May God give you strength to cope with this loss, You were an incredibly beautiful couple. The first one always leaves the best,” he wrote to fans Demidova.

According to Victoria, she never talked about what happened, because I thought the tragedy of his personal grief. These days the young woman tried to hold on and not give up.

“These 40 days, I slowly burned, to self-destruction. Communication was only with the people close to us. This is my pain. And mine alone. I know I have to be strong and to raise her son a worthy man and worthy of his father. I must implement all of the goals that we set together. Don’t know how to live, but I’ll do it,” wrote Vic on Instagram.

We will remind that Victoria is famous because of its method of weight loss. She has created several fitness apps which are very popular. Now Demidova over a million followers on Instagram. She also conducts courses and seminars, talking to everyone about how to lose weight and find harmony with your own body.

Fans are sure that Demidov will be able to cope with her grief overpowered. According to them, now the young woman is to focus on the work and the care of the child, to forget about the sad thoughts.