Anna Sedokova plump after the holidays

Анна Седокова раздобрела после новогодних праздников The singer has published in his Instagram the unexpected. It Anna Sedokova made a funny face. Thus, the artist decided to play a joke on the subscribers and answer envious. Fans appreciated the sense of humour of an idol.
Анна Седокова раздобрела после новогодних праздников

Anna Sedokova has admitted that she liked the delicious and quality food. The star openly talks followers that periodically allows himself weakness in the form of high-calorie dishes, and also shares a detailed report on regular trips to restaurants.

Today, mother of many children showed fans a fresh photograph, which made a funny grimace. The singer ironically refers to criticism and not afraid to put home the shot where she’s without makeup and styling. In addition, Anna urged fans to do the same.

“That’s my real face. Know filters. I do believe that the main person kindness and sense of humor, look how plump I am. As said just my Monica: “Now you sure the marriage will not take”. I hike – a bachelor. And if you want to join me, post your photos” – addressed to the subscribers Sedokova.

Readers of Anya’s Instagram this idea came to mind – many were quick to support the idea of the favourite and has already made a “natural” selfie. Users of the social network appreciated the sense of humor of the actress, and praised her for her mind and frankness. They’ve left dozens of comments with kind words and compliments for the idol.

“The beauty does not spoil. It’s definitely, one hundred percent!”, “Anya, you are a beautiful soul, beauty and femininity, true,” “Oh, that was so cool! I joined and also downloaded the picture,” “I Love you and Mona! Of course, you get married and you’ll find the real and only”, “Many starlets should learn from you. Applaud!” – wrote in comments followers celebrities.

Apparently, a funny snapshot of Anne was a response to criticism and many negative reviews that hit the singer after her recent video. Sedokova uploaded to Instagram a video of his transformation, on which she first appeared in natural form, and then shown the face with professional makeup, hair – styling. Detractors immediately pointed to the actress on the imperfections of the skin and hair, and also advised not to upload raw photos and videos.

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