Беременная Собчак не перестает заниматься спортом

After returning from Italy, the socialite immediately went to the pool. Apparently, “work” eaten spaghetti and pizza.

About the interesting position of the wife of Maxim Vitorgan talking about a month ago. Since then, Ksenia, if you appeared in public, it may look boxy. But to conduct a measured way of life of the future mom, the socialite, it seems, flatly refused. And at first flown to celebrate the birthday of a friend, Nicky Belotserkovsky, in Italy. And, returning, continued regular exercise. And today shared a photo from the pool, which is signed in her usual manner: with humor and self-criticism.

“And I do not need to write “EW, she’s ugly!!” First, I know that, and secondly, I understand that most of the swims on the installation, in cosmetics and exclusively sail the angles of the commercials inexpensive shampoo. And I have to say, the old fashioned way. But every day and in the best pool. PS And by the way, for fans porazglyadyvat swimwear, sites, gossip forgiven for not knowing, and you, my fashionistas, are required – all swimwear for my pictures from NEW collections, and my old photos I always put a note #tbt”, signed the Xenia out of the pool.

Needless to say that fans of this time were interested in not styling the stars, and her rounded tummy. But I have to say, in a swimsuit Sobchak looks still slim, than provoke even more conversation around her pregnancy.

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