Анфисе Чеховой стало плохо из-за жары

TV presenter admitted that does not tolerate extremes of weather and almost went to the hospital.

It seems that to save from the heat can only air conditioners and drafty… But some do not help and they are!

So Anfisa Chekhov admitted that from-for difference of temperatures completely lost sleep and almost went to the hospital. But still there was no hospitalization.

The “yellow press are worried… say somewhere I was hospitalized, obituaries already, I suppose, beautiful in the head come up. Don’t worry, I’m alive and quite healthy. I just can not tolerate such weather racing, but carry them still on my feet. And the consequences of insomnia is always possible to cover krasivimi points,” wrote a woman who “knows everything about sex” in Instagram.

However, Anfisa is not the only one whom the weather is not to their liking. For example, the star of “House-2” Sergey Pynzar already took the family to sea in the Crimea.

“Brought their loved ones to breathe healthy air in the Crimea. In Moscow in this heat is nothing to do. And then around the mountain, the forest and the cleanest sea!”, – he wrote.

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