Собчак перестала скрывать беременный живот

For several months, Ksenia Sobchak, kept the affair – despite the fact that everyone knew about her pregnancy, the star did not say on this subject, thus, has not confirmed nor denied this information.

The contest of young singers “New wave has become the place where Sobchak still stopped hiding and now we can confidently say “Yes, she is pregnant and soon will become a mother.” in an interview with the participant of “Eurovision” Xenia hinted at his interesting position. Discussed the popular game “Pokemon-Go. “I already caught your pokemon,” said the star. — Here, no dresses won’t hide!”.

Today, the journalists managed to take pictures of Xenia at the door of the hotel.

Собчак перестала скрывать беременный живот

The star appeared in public in jeans and a thick grey top, which could no longer disguise the rounded belly of the famous blonde. Despite the fact that the eyes of Xenia closed his sunglasses, she could not go unnoticed. In the hands of the leading bushy carried a bouquet of white roses, which probably received a gift upon arrival at the airport of Adler.

The sex of the baby Sobchak prefers not to name. Even the mother of the journalist Lyudmila Narusova does not know she would be born grandson or granddaughter. Although Ludmila confesses that she dreams about the birth of twins at once: “I consider myself a superstitious person, so I will be glad when she a baby. Imagine even I, a mother of Kseniya, I do not know the sex of the baby. But in General I would like twins and a girl and a boy”