СМИ: Денис Мацуев готовится впервые стать папой

Incredibly gifted musician Denis Matsuev is preparing for the first time to test himself in a new role – the role of the father.

A number of Russian media reported that the famous pianist and his lover Ekaterina Shipulina soon become parents for the first time.

Assumptions about what prima of the Bolshoi theatre pregnant appeared after the visit of the pair to the festival “New wave”. Journalists noticed Catherine rounded tummy and draw appropriate conclusions.

However, Denis and Katya until that future replenishment does not comment.

Note that Matsuev is extremely secretive in matters of personal life. For many years, the questions about his personal life, he answered that his wife was a classical music lover and jazz.

Now the situation is somewhat different. With the Shipulina Matsuev was met at a social event the organizers of which were their friends.

Incidentally, despite the fact that the pianist meets a ballerina for a long time, to conduct his beloved to the altar he is in no hurry. Probably Shipulin and without a stamp in the passport absolutely sure of the feelings Matsuev.