Крис Браун подставил друга

The arrest of Chris brown last week affected not only on his fate. Unwittingly, the rapper ruined honeymoon to his friend and colleague, ray J. (Ray J). Last with his newly made wife were going to spend their honeymoon in Australia, but he was not allowed into the country due to the fact that it appeared in the case of the attack on the woman.

That ray was the man, which Chris was kicked out of the house Bailey Curran. According to the model, brown threatened her with a gun, but Chris has proof of his innocence – Bailey correspondence with a friend, during which she speaks of revenge rapper. Allegedly, she called the jewelry buddy Chris (Ray J) forgery, and for that, the owner of the house drove her from the party. In his correspondence with a friend, Curran reports that will call the police and sue the celebrity. Now from the intrigues of the models affected and the couple.
“Ray had planned an extravagant honeymoon. He bought tickets, booked hotels, reserved places at restaurants and clubs, and now after the incident the Australian visa revoked. Now ray and his wife are looking for a new place for a honeymoon,” said the insider.