Павел Деревянко похвастался семейным счастьем

Actor Pavel Derevyanko does not belong to the category celebrities, who with great joy and pride to show others their personal life, their family, and so on.

At the moment, the star of the film “Tumbler” is the father of two children, but he talks about them rarely, not wanting to touch on personal topics.

Note that more than a year generally hide the fact that he’s adding to the family, and later found out that Paul came back to his beloved Daria Malisevo, which broke up after the birth of eldest daughter Barbara.

Until now, the youngest daughter Derevyanko, Alexander – no one has seen. On the same day the actor made a huge gift to his fans and bragged about his wealth in the form of subsidiaries.

Павел Деревянко похвастался семейным счастьем

“Here it is — happiness,” says Derevyanko. My berries are sisters. I am a happy father of daughters!”

However, something Paul still remained true to himself and still did not recognize that was the reason for the resumption of relations with Daria Malisevo. But says about children, particularly older barbarian, Derevyanko can watch.

It turned out that the character of the girl difficult, but it is still more interesting to talk and spend time: “She is such a fidget! — said the actor. — Cooking very skittish, loves to impose his opinion the young lady. I would call her sassy girl. We with Dasha (the former civil wife of actor and mom Barbara) sometimes I look at my daughter and regret that the character she did in me. Everyone thinks that I have soft character, I am easy to communicate with. But the Cooking is quite different. We have true love! I was the only person in her life whom you can hug and kiss. It is a very gentle girl, I would even call it brash, does not like calf tenderness. But I have it on good account. Where the temperament is clear: Cooking loves to dance. She goes to a circle and then home conducts master classes”.