Мэтт Бомер сыграет трансгендера в новом фильме Марка Руффало

The star of the show “White collar” and “American horror story” Matt bomer is preparing for an unusual role for himself. Earlier we used to see the actor who plays the handsome men of the conqueror of female hearts, but now Matt is going to turn into a woman.

The working title of the project – “anything”. In drama we will focus on the man who tried to kill himself after his wife’s death. This attempt fails and then the man decides to look at your life and completely change it. From the American wilderness, he moves in an eccentric Los Angeles to the sister, where to introduce the character of Matt Bomer transgender, and tying with him in an unexpected friendship.

The Executive producer of the film is non-replaceable for the role of Hulk in “the Avengers” mark Ruffalo. It was he, incidentally, claimed Bomer for the role of transgender.

According to Mark, he is so impressed with the acting talent of the Bomer, no one else for this role he didn’t want to consider.

We will remind, this project will not be the first cooperation of Bomer and Ruffalo. the stars starred together in the TV movie “the normal heart”, where he played a couple of gay men.