Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya, for the first time came out with her son in Venice

Кончаловский и Высоцкая впервые вышли в свет с сыном в Венеции

Director Andrei Konchalovsky and his wife actress Julia Vysotskaya was presented at the Venice film festival his new film “Paradise.”

The film, which participates in the main competition program takes place during the Second world war. The main character, a Russian immigrant Olga, played by Vysotskaya, arrested during the Nazi occupation of Paris for harboring Jewish children. On her way to meet two men – a married Frenchman Jules, collaborating with the Gestapo, and the German Helmut, a high-ranking SS officer, who loves Russian culture.

At a press conference before the premiere Konchalovsky explained the idea “Paradise”:

“The film is not about the physical suffering, and about spiritual violence. In Dante’s hell, the worst suffering is not physical but spiritual. My goal is to feel the horror that the person is not experiencing, being sure that he’s right. This terrible self-deception pushes good people to do evil in the belief that they are doing good.”

The film is already being called one of the favorites of the competition. Artistic Director of the Venice film festival Alberto Barbera called the picture is brilliant. “The previous film Konchalovsky was very good and won awards, but this is even better”, – quotes TASS Barbera.

Positive reviews appeared in the foreign press.

“An experienced Russian film Director Andrei Konchalovsky is in a strong position with its monochrome and diverse drama about the Holocaust,” writes Variety.

“It is sad that in Venice not awarded technical prizes, but the great Russian cameraman Alexander Simonov was already holding one of them in his hands,” notes The Hollywood Reporter.

By the way, the crew made an impression on the red carpet. To exit Konchalovsky chose a beige jacket and gray pants, and added a hat and boots that extravagant green. Vysotsky appeared in mini dress showing slender legs. The audience appreciated the design solution: due to the unusual cut of the impression that the actress is wearing a half jacket. The image was supplemented with a short haircut. By the way, for the filming of “Paradise” by Julia six months ago, shaved it all off.

But perhaps most of all fans of the couple were surprised by the appearance on the red carpet their son, 12-year-old Petit. Parents usually do not take it to public events. But I guess for Venice film festival still made an exception.

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Recall that Konchalovsky has repeatedly received at the Venice festival prizes since 1961, when it was his thesis, “the Boy and the dove”. And two years ago he was awarded as best Director for the film “White nights postman Alexei Trapezina”.

By the way, in 1966, the film Konchalovsky’s “First teacher” brought the prize for best actress Natalia Arinbasarova, who was then his wife. Now, according to the critics, all the chances to receive this award have Vysotskaya.

In any case, one spouse will take away guaranteed: already announced the award of Konchalovsky international Catholic film award to them. Robert Bresson.